How to create tasks by topupvotes panel

What I need to do to create a task?

In order to start creating a task, you need to have an account and top up your balance. After that, you can create the tasks. If you have just created an account, you will have 50 upvotes available. Without replenishing your balance, you can spend them on upvotes. Create a task, provide a link and enjoy the result.

What are the types of tasks?

Currently, the following job types are: upvotes, downvotes. In the future, it will be possible to write comments, subscribe to a group or user, and much more. When creating a task - you will see what types of tasks are available to you.

Where can I see tasks statistics?

Go to the tasks page, in your personal account. Here is a table with all tasks. You can cancel the task at any time. If the task was canceled before the start of the upvote, the funds will be returned to your balance.

- What do the fields mean when I want to create a task?

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Link to post - here you need to insert a link to your post, format: for the post. For the subreddit

Type of task - here you indicate what you want to do, upvotes, downvotes, comments, subscribers.
Upvote - put upvotes on a post
Downvote - put downvotes on the post. Attention! In some groups, no votes can be given - so you may not see the result.
Subscribers - add subscribers to a group or account
Comments - put comments on a post

Quantity - here you indicate the required quantity. Attention! Our system is to add the given quantity to the post. If you buy from several sellers at the same time, be aware that some sellers do not fully upvote. To check us - you can put upvotes on an empty post and see the number of upvotes that you ordered.

Speed ​​- here you specify the speed of upvotes. For some packages, some speed types are not available. To activate the speed - activate the required package.
Slow - 1-3 votes per minute.
Normal - 5-8 votes per minute.
Fast 15-20 votes per minute.
Ultra 30-40 votes per minute.

Account type - the older the accounts, the faster your post gets to the top.

Amount - the cost of your order. Attention! The cost of the order may vary depending on the settings you choose. Possible surcharge for speed, number or type of accounts.

Start - start the task.

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